I don’t care what color you are, just be funny!

So last week my friend Sherene “no hugs” Philip invited me to join her to see Paul Varghese at the Houston Improvisation Comedy Club. Man was I glad I went along. I went in with low expectations because I’d never seen any of his work. I left with the fear that I may be hoarse by the morning. I should’ve known Sherene wouldn’t take me to a sorry show. That girl is funny.

This dude had me ROLLING. It was as if he filled an Uzi with funny bullets and unloaded the magazine with no remorse (yah I just painted that picture). When something hits my funny bone I CANNOT conceal my laugh. You’ll hear it in the clip below. If your ears were ringing that night Sherene, I apologize.

Honestly I felt like I didn’t have time to recover from one laugh before another funny was already too good to pass up on a laugh. His stand-up was a balanced combination of situational humor combined with subtle nuances. When he talked about his parents, it was too much to bear. His mannerisms and stories were spot on.

It was also cool to look around the room and see the diversity but that’s Houston for you. E’rybody was in the mix and Paul made sure to make the experience all-encompassing. I snagged a few clips before I got busted.


Sorry for the shake shot on the 2nd clip, this big-headed lady sitting in front of me kept moving around.

Suffice to say, I can’t wait to catch another show.

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