It could happen to anyone…

Early Saturday morning my life was turned upside down; at least from a technological stand point. I dropped my cell phone to its demise. It couldn’t have happened at a worst time. I was running on 4 hours of sleep and had been up since 7 running errands. I was looking forward to spending the day poolside for a lovely birthday party at Hotel ZaZa to celebrate one of my best girlfriend’s 28th birthday, which I did. Although my mind was in a whirlwind for the rest of my weekend. I was unplugged and out of sorts but I can attest to the quote that “necessity is the mother of all invention”. I had to find other means to communicate with my connects. Resourcefulness  in my time of desperation!

Here’s how I survived:
1. Gmail can do everything your cellphone can do for you in the case of an emergency, assuming you have tapped into this resource.

  • I can call my friends from my gmail (MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR CONTACTs IN GMAIL, IT SAVED MY SANITY)
  • I sent text messages through google chat
  • Updated my twitter and Facebook all from with Google Buzz or tweetdeck

2. Landlines are worth keeping. Most people have switched to relying solely on cellphones but this weekend I was grateful to have a land line because I kept the phone in bed with me in case of emergency.

3. The people who need to get in touch with you will find a way to you. I could hear my phone sending me alerts but my screen was shot. Could you imagine the curiosity that was killing me?!

  • As dramatic as I make it sound, I have survived almost 3 days without a cellphone and as long as you stick with a plan of action your people can find you.
  • If you don’t use gmail, your carrier allows you to send text messages from their website to contacts which is another convenient tool when you’re in a bind.
  • Sidenote- keep your living space clean cause you never know who might show up to look for the missing person.

4. If you are just not that interested or desperate for the outside world (like me) you can scratch all of the above and take a sabbatical. It may very well restore your sanity to not worry and just “take it light” as the islanders like to say. Unplug yourself from everything and everyone and have some ‘me’ time. RABDARGAB! Anyone remember that!? Ha!

I’m suppose to get my new cellphone tomorrow. Am I excited?! You bet your ass I am! I learned a few valuable lessons nonetheless.

1. Get a case for my phone
2. Brace yourself to have the plug pulled on you at anytime and be ready to roll with the punches
3. Get cellphone insurance
4. Memorize vital numbers. You know who needs to know where you are.
5. If I didn’t have my phone to distract me, I’d probably finish the 6 blogs I have waiting in the wings… :/


Photography Phun with Phriends- Jorge& Serena

Jorge and Serena are one of the most beautiful couples I know. So generous and loving, I look forward to seeing where their passion and drive will lead them.

I met Serena in college. From the moment I met her, she radiated love, sincerity and goofiness, in that order. It only makes sense that she put that goofiness to use! Jokes aside she is a very talented woman. Let me brag on her for a minute. She’s a voice-over artist for anime. Recently, Serena was featured in a Nikon commercial. Isn’t she cute? Serena is quite the little songbird too! I love listening to her sing. I hope we get to sing together one day. Here’s where it gets even cooler. I love when world’s collide. Darin from my earlier post helped direct and shoot a promo/music video that Serena was featured in. Did I mention she’s got a lil swagga too? Check out her out spittin’ some rhymes in the Lakewood Church Youth Music Video .

Photo by Darin Rios Photography

Her equally awesome husband Jorge was part of the photo shoot as well.

Photo by Darin Rios Photography

I met Jorge back in 2003 or so when he was fancying Serena. I won’t say I didn’t bust his chops but I could tell that he was legit.  Jorge is an up and coming entrepreneur. He’s got his sights set on success. Check out his company. .

So why did I write this blog? Simply because I am surrounded by extraordinary people and they need to be spotlighted. Darin, Serena & Jorge are just three of a host of amazingness that surrounds me. I have to show off my friends. They are worth sharing with the world.

Photograhy Phun with Phriends- Darin Rios

I find myself regularly spending a few minutes (hours) looking through photos, mostly the work of professionals. Although I do enjoy skimming through snaps of a fun weekend on a friend’s Facebook wall as well. Either way, I am an fan of GOOD photography. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a few photo shoots. LOVE it! Most recently I was unexpectedly recruited by one of my best friend’s to put together a few looks  for an impromptu shoot. She decided to have some head shots made so she can pursue some commercial modeling opportunities. I showed up at her place, pulled a few looks and thought I was going to be on my merry way.

The next 9-12 hours turned into an experience worth sharing. I had the great honor of watching a professional at work. Darin Rios, whom I had I met briefly before and had seen his work prior to meeting him, was the photographer of the day. We jumped in his car and drove around to a vacant field and spent the better part of the day taking pictures. I watched  as he captured every possible light, angle and pose with passion and vigor.  With one DSLR camera, a 600 ws strobe light and a perfectly overcast day beauty and artistry joined hands and kissed. It was a learning curve for me because Darin let me play the role of “assistant director”. I was secretly geeking out. (hehe) Darin’s super chill vibe mixed with Serena and Jorge’s good looks made it an easy work environment. I didn’t notice the time passing.

Photo by Darin Rios Photography

Since the shoot I’ve hung out with Darin a few times. Come to find out this dude is jam-packed with talent. Photography is just one of the many arts that Darin is passionate about. He is a graphic artist, break-dancer, aspiring singer-songwriter and after getting to know him, a downright humble guy. His back story is worth hearing and could easily be made into a movie, which he could very well write, direct and produce.

I should tell you one of my all-time favorite photographers is the uber-talented Jeremy Cowart. I saw this picture posted at an event and it caught my eye right away. Upon taking a look at Darin’s site for the first time I saw my favorite photographer’s signature styles staring back at me but in a very unique way. I share all of this to say, I won’t be surprised WHEN Darin makes it big. He’s driven, talented, and determined. So I’m glad I met you before you hit it big time homie. Cheers!

Part 2: Jorge & Serena

Making good on my talk

So it’s been close to three years or more since I’ve posted public blog. Shameful ,I know. Not that I haven’t been blogging here and there for myself just not for public viewing. So after taking a introspective gander and a little encouragement from a few persistence friends (e.g., Sheena ,Sajan, Davis)  I’ve decided to get back on it.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing mainly for personal growth and reflection. If you like what you see/read, awesome! If you don’t, no worries. I’m just sharing my experiences, take it or leave it. I’ll blog as often as I can or if I experience something blog-worthy. Maybe one day I can show my kids for a few laughs.

Over the next few weeks I will be making posts. Feel free to check my back here or not. hehe