What a life…

Today I woke up with a juxtaposed cluster of thoughts. I celebrate life born in love, life after death and lovers in love; all three very important moments need to be celebrated and commemorated.

  • My ammachi went to be with Jesus exactly a year ago today. I miss her deeply. Here’s a song that’s perfectly hopeful and sad. She’s the woman I’ll always celebrate on International Women’s Day.

  • Yesterday, my dear friends Myron and Falon welcomed baby Kadyn Justice Brooks into the world. Here’s a song that I look forward to singing to him obnoxiously.

  • Today, nine years ago, my power couple friends Sajan and Sheena Abraham married. I saw the whole thing happen while wearing a pink, shiny, scratchy sari. I once told Sajan and Sheena, “y’all make marriage look so effortless. How is that?” Sajan responded in his very Sajan way, simple and precise. I told Sheena, “If you worry about me, I’ll worry about you.” It makes sense.

LIFE, man.